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X:1 T:Boy for bewitching them, The M:9/8 L:1/8 R:Slip Jig Q:"Allegro" B:William Forde – 300 National Melodies of the British Isles (c. 1841, p. 23, No. 77) B: N:William Forde (c.1795–1850) was a musician, music collector and N:scholar from County Cork Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:G G|SG>AG (G<g)e dBG|A2G ABd e2g|G>AG gfe dBG|A>Bc BAG E2|| g|gdg gag fed|e>fe efg a2b|gfg abg fed|efg dBG A2B!D.C.!||

I'M THE BOY FOR BEWITCHING THEM ("Is Misi An Buacaill Do Meallfad Iad" or "Is Misi an Buacaill Le na Meallad"). AKA - "I was the boy for bewitching them." AKA and see "Blithsome Bridal," "Come Fy Lets A' to the Bridal," "Come to the Bridal," "Kirk (The)," "Let Us Waa to the Wedding." "Jolly Pedlar's (4) (The)." Irish, Air and Slip Jig (9/8 time). G Major (O'Neill, Robbins): F Major (Howe): E Flat Major (O'Flannagan). Standard tuning (fiddle). AB (Robbins): AAB (O'Neill): AABA (O'Flannagan). "I'm the boy for bewitching them" was first published in Crosby's Irish Musical Repository (London, c. 1808). The tune also was included in biography:John Clinton's (1809-1864) volume for the flute, Gems of Ireland: 200 Airs, published in 1841 in London, in P.H. Hughes' London publication Gems of the Emerald Isle and, at about the same time as Hughes in the 1860's, in Boston publisher Elias Howe's 1,000 Jigs and Reels.

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Recorded sources : - Green Linnett GLCD 1087, Seamus Connolly - "Notes From My Mind" (1988).

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