I've Seen as Good as You Muffed below the Covering

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X:1 T:I've Seen as Good as You Muffed below the Covering M:9/8 L:1/8 S:George Skene's Music Book 1717 O:NLS Adv. MS 5.2.21#1b B:SOITD Z:ps (Peter Stewart pete:wintonstables.fsnet.co.uk) tradtunes 2003-9-5 K:GDorian G>AG B2f ge/f/g | G>AG B2f cAF | G>AG B2f ge/f/g | f3F>GA/B/ cAF ||f2d dB/c/d dB/c/d | f2d dB/c/d cFc | f2d dB/c/d dB/c/d | f3 F>GA/B/ cAF |]

I'VE SEEN AS GOOD AS YOU MUPED/MUFFED BELOW THE COVERING. AKA and see "Bold Wilkinson." Scottish, Slip Jig (9/8 time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. The Borders tune under this bawdy title appears in the George Skene manuscript (1715). The tune was collected 1857-1887 as "Bold Wilkinson" [1] with variation sets by the Melodies Committee of the Newcastle Antiquarian Society. Musician and researcher Matt Seattle believes it to be a Lowland or Border pipe tune setting. The tune, under the "Bold Wilkinson" title, was contained in the John Smith music manuscript collection, dated 1752, which is unfortunately now lost. The contents were copied by 19th century folk-music collector John Stokoe in 1887, when the manuscript was in the possession of Lewis Proudlock. Stokoe’s volume Northumbrian Minstrelsy had been printed five year prior, and his interest in Smith’s ms. demonstrates Stokoe’s continuing commitment to older Northumbrian music.

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