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I AM THE BRAVEST COWBOY. AKA - "Bravest Cowboy." American, Song and Reel. USA, western N.C. Jenkins, Cockerham & Jarrell sang:

I am the bravest cowboy,
That ever trod the West;
I've been all over the Rockies,
Got bullets in my breast.

In eighteen hundred and sixty-three
I joined the immigrant band;
We marched from San Antonio
Down by the Rio Grande.

I saw the Indians coming,
We heard them give their yell;
My feeling at the moment,
No tongue could ever tell.

I went out on the prairie,
I learned to sow the line;
I learned to pocket money,
But I did not dress much fine.

I rambled on back to Texas,
I learned to rob and steal;
It's when I robbed that cowboy,
How happy I did feel.

I wore a wide-brimmed white hat,
My saddle too was fine;
And when I courted a pretty girl,
You bet I called her mine.

I courted her for beauty,
For love it was in vain;
Till they carried me down to Dallas,
To wear a ball and chain.

The third verse was supplied by Julia Lyons, Toast, western North Carolina, the sister of fiddler Tommy Jarrell.

Additional notes

Recorded sources : - County 741, Tommy Jarrell, Oscar Jenkins & Fred Cockerham - "Stay All Night." Greenhays GR 710, John McCutcheon - "Fine Times at Our House" (1982. Learned from Tommy Jarrell, Mt. Airy, N.C.).

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