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X:1 T:I bet My Money T:Camptown Races M:2/4 L:1/8 R:Air Q:"Moderato" B:Mrs. Joe Person - A Collection of Popular Airs (1889, pp. 11-12) B: Z:AK/Fiddlers Companion K:D (d/f/)|[da][da] f(3d/f/a/|ba [df]d/e/|f [Ae] zd/e/|f[Ae] z(d/f/)|[da][da] f(3d/f/a/| ba [df]d/e/|fe f>e|d2z2::D>D FA|[D3d3] G/A/|[GB][GB][Gd][GB]| [F3A3] f/g/|ba [d2f2]|fe f<e|1 d2-d z:|2 (d2d) (d/f/)|| [da][da] f(3d/f/a/|ba [df]d/e/|f[Ae] zd/e/|f[Ae] z(d/e/)|[da][da] f(3d/f/a/| ba [df]d/e/|fe f>e|d2-d z|a/d/a/d/ f/d/a/d/|b/d/a/d/ fd/e/| f[Ae] zd/e/|f[Ae] zz/d/|a/d/a/d/ f/d/a/d/|b/d/a/d/ fd/e/|fe f>e|d2-dz|| D<D FA|[D3d3] G/A/|[GB][GB][Bd][GB]|[F3A3] (f/g/)|[da][da] ff/a/| ba [df]d/e/|[da][da][da] ff/a/|ba [df]d/e/|fe f>e|d2-d z||D>D FA|[D3d3](G/A/)| [GB][GB][Bd][GB]|[F3A3] (f/g/)|a/d/a/d/ f/d/a/d/|b/d/a/d/ fd/e/|fe f>e|d2-dz||

I BET MY MONEY. AKA and see "Camptown Races (1)." American, Air (2/4 time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. "I bet My Money" is entrepreneurial biography:Mrs. Joe Person's version of Stephen Foster's famous song "Camptown Races (1)."

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Printed sources : - Mrs. Joe Person (A Collection of Popular Airs), 1889; pp. 11-12.

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