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IM BÓ AGUS UM BÓ. AKA and see "Burn's March," "Huggad de gadda freed a mony" ("Chugad a'gadaidhe fríd a'mónaidh"), "Pretty Peggy (4)," "Steal a Cow and Eat a Cow." Irish, Air (4/4 time). The Gaelic title is a nonsense refrain. Ann Heymann (1988) states it was common to many songs with various tunes, "and was popular enough in the 17th century to be used by a poet from County Kerry in a composition about a favorite dog which had choked to death on a mouse." At the beginning of the 19th century the ancient harper Denis Hempson gave the collector Bunting a translation of two verses he knew of one song which used the refrain about a celebrated harper he said lived "250 years ago:"

Here lies Lappin, harpers' king,
Whose fingers deserve a golden string.
His body lies here, his soul flies high,
Serenading David in the sky.
Siombo agus uambo

Here we spend our days
Giving Kate and Lappin praise
Now we quit and bid adieu
To Royal Kate and Lappin too.
Is iombo is uambo

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Printed sources: Heymann (Secrets of the Gaelic Harp), 1988.

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