Annotation:Irishman in Spain (The)

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X:20 T:Irish Man in Spain. Tho24CDs1792.20, The M:2/4 Q:1/4=105 C:"92" L:1/8 W: First Gent: Allemande with his Partner .| W: the 2d Gent: do the same :| W: Lead down the middle up again :|. W: Right and Left :| B:Thompson 24 CDs 1792 Z:Village Music Project, Anne Wride, 2017 K:G |:ddBB|GG A2|Bdge|e2d2|ddBB|GGA2|(B/c/B/A/) GF|{A}}G2-G2:| AGAB|c2A2|BABc|d2B2|ddBG|eedc|BgAf|g2G2:|

IRISH MAN IN SPAIN, THE. English, Country Dance Tune (2/4 time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB.

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - a c. 1837-1840 MS by Shropshire musician John Moore [Ashman]

Printed sources : - Ashman (The Ironbridge Hornpipe), 1991; No. 25b, p. 6. Samuel, Ann & Peter Thompson (24 Country Dances for the Year 1792), No. 20.

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