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X:1 T:Jack Pine Trail C:Andy De Jarlis M:2/4 L:1/16 K:D "D"faab afde|fdab afdf|"C"g2ga ge=cd|egga "A7"{ga}g2"G"ed| "D"faab afde|fdab afdB|"C"=c2{cd}cB cAGB|"D"AF"A7"{EF}E2 "D"D4:| |:"D"DFAc defd|"A"ec{Bc}B2 A2de|"D"fdeg {fg}f2"A7"ec|"D"dAFD "C"E2{EF}E2| "D"DFAc defd|"A7"ec{Bc}B2 A2de|"D"faab "G"afde|"D"fd"A7"ec "D"d4:|

JACK PINE TRAIL. Canadian, Recorded by Manitoba Metis fiddler Andy DeJarlis (1915-1975). According to researcher Anne Lederman, parts of the tune were likely to have been in aural tradition in Manitoba prior to DeJarlis's recording. The most common and ubiquitous pine in the boreal forest of Manitoba is the Jack Pine, although it is commonly found throughout Canada. There are Jack Pine Trails in Manitoba, Ontario, Cape Breton and other Canadian provinces.

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