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X:1 T:Jack Pine Trail C:Andy De Jarlis M:2/4 L:1/16 K:D "D"faab afde|fdab afdf|"C"g2ga ge=cd|egga "A7"{ga}g2"G"ed| "D"faab afde|fdab afdB|"C"=c2{cd}cB cAGB|"D"AF"A7"{EF}E2 "D"D4:| |:"D"DFAc defd|"A"ec{Bc}B2 A2de|"D"fdeg {fg}f2"A7"ec|"D"dAFD "C"E2{EF}E2| "D"DFAc defd|"A7"ec{Bc}B2 A2de|"D"faab "G"afde|"D"fd"A7"ec "D"d4:|

JACK PINE TRAIL. Canadian, Recorded by Manitoba Metis fiddler Andy DeJarlis (1915-1975). According to researcher Anne Lederman, parts of the tune were likely to have been in aural tradition in Manitoba prior to DeJarlis's recording.

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