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JACKIE ROACH'S FAVORITE. AKA - "Jackie Roche's Favourite." AKA and see "Gone to the Dogs," "Morrison's Favorite," "Pilgrim (The)," "Pilgrimage (The)." Irish, Jig. D Mixolydian. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. According to Dan Collins the tune was composed by John McGrath. It appears in the music manuscripts of Bronx fiddler James Morrison [1] (1893–1947, originally from County Sligo), Roche's teacher, as "The Pilgrimage," with the hand-written direction "don't play this fast." Jackie's name, on his albums, is spelled Roche.

Source for notated version: the late New York fiddler Jackie Roche (at one time a prize student of Sligo/Bronx fiddler James Morrison) via Dan Collins [Black].

Printed sources: Black (Music's the Very Best Thing), 1996; No. 250, p. 133.

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Alan Ng's [2]

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