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X:1 T:Jackson's Hunt M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel B:Alex Sutherland music manuscript collection (1st half of 20th cent., No. 82) N:Alex Sutherland (1873-1967) was a fiddler from Toome, N: Drumreilly, County Leitrim. Z:Conor Ward K:Edor AF|(E2{F}ED) (F2{G}FD)|(E2 F/E/D/E/) (DFAF)|(E2{F}ED) (F2 {G}FD)|(DFAF) E2:| Bc|(dB{c}BA) (dB).A.B|(dB{c}BA) d2 ef|(dB{c}BA) (dB).A.B|(dBAF) E2E2| (dB{c}BA) (dB).A.B|(dB{c}BA) d2 eg|(f2ec) (defe)|(dBAF) E2||

JACKSON'S HUNT. AKA and see "Jackson's Dairymaid (1)," "Magic Fiddle," "Spoil the Dance." Irish, Reel (cut time). E Dorian. Standard tuning (fiddle). AAB. The tune has been called "Jackson's Hunt" in County Leitrim, where it is also known as "Magic Fiddle." It is contained in the music manuscript collection of Toome, Drumreilly, Co. Leitrim, fiddler Alex Sutherland (1873-1967), submitted to the National Folklore Commission in 1957. Researchers Conor Ward and Fr. John Quinn find cognate versions as "Jackson's Dairymaid (1)," from Patrick Gunn's book (County Fermanagh, c. 1860's) and "Spoil the Dance," and, as "The Dairy Maid" in a c. 1920 fiddle manuscript in the possession of fiddler Willy McNamara (d. 1944) of the Dromod region of County Leitrim (Quinn and Ward believe the unidentified manuscript was not McNamara's, but rather an older one he collected from a local fiddler). McNamara's ms. setting is very similar to that of "Jackson's Hunt." See also another version of the same tune by Sutherland under the title "Magic Fiddle."

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