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X:1 T:Jackson's Reel [3] M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel K:D A3B AFDF | (3ABA FA GECE | A3d BdAF | ED (3DDD EFGB | AFAB AFDF | (3ABA FA GECE | A3d BdAF | ED (3DDD EFDG || |: FD (3DDD FDGD | FD (3DDD GECE | FD (3DDD FDGF |1 EDCD EFDG :| |2 EDCD EFGA || df (3fff dffe | dcdB AFDA | ce (3eee ceec | B2 GB AFDA | df (3fff dffe | dcdB AFDA | ce (3eee faec | dcce d4 ||

JACKSON'S REEL [3]. AKA and see "Humors of Comer (The)," "Jackson's Heigh-Ho (1)," "Jim McKenna's." Irish, Reel. D Major/Mixolydian. Standard tuning (fiddle). ABC. The tune dates from at least the 1950's, when a 78 acetate recording of it by Donegal fiddler Neil Dougherty was recorded (Dougherty is known to have visited New York, and was one of Ed Reavy's musical associates in Philadelphia) [Philippe Varlet]. Martin Mulvihill included it in his 1986 collection of tunes under the title "Jim McKenna's" (from whom he collected it), while Bulmer & Sharpley listed it as "Denis Murphy's." The second part of "Sheila Coyle's" resembles the third part of "Jackson's Reel [3]," as does the second strain of the tune that bears the name "Jim Donaghue's/Jim Donoghue's" (1910-1990), a whistle player from Drimacoo, Monasteraden, Co. Sligo.

Additional notes

Source for notated version: - fiddler Brendan Mulvihill (Baltimore, Md.) [Mulvihill]; fiddler Tommy Peoples (County Donegal) [Breathnach].

Printed sources : - Breathnach (CRÉ II), 1976; No. 207, p. 107 (appears as "Gan anim/Untitled"). Bulmer & Sharpley (Music from Ireland, vol. 3), 1976; No. 25. Mulvihill (1st Collection), 1986; No. 40, p. 11 (and No. 219, p. 59 as "Jim McKenna's"). Vallely (Armagh Pipers Club Play 50 Reels), 1982; No. 45, p. 21.

Recorded sources: -Claddagh Records, Vincent Campbell - "The Brass Fiddle: Traditional Fiddle Music from County Donegal" (1987. Various artists). Shanachie 29008, Frankie Gavin & Alec Finn - "Traditional Music of Ireland" (1977. Appears as the 2nd tune in the set "Jackson's Reels"). Shanachie 34007, Tommy Peoples - "The High Part of the Road."

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