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X: 1 T: Jackson's Turret (hp) % fjc/bb S: "Jackson's Celebrated Irish Tunes" L: 1/16 M: 2/4 R: hornpipe Z: K: D A2 |dAFA dAFA |d2f4 ed |ecAc ecAc |e2g4 fe | fdAd f2ed |ecAc e2dc | dfdB cecA | E2^G2 A2 :| |:A2 |dAFA d2=c2 |BGAF G2B2 |eB^GB e2d2 |cAB^G A2fg | afdf a2gf |gece g2fe |fafd egec |d2D2 D2 :||

JACKSON'S TURRET. Irish, Hornpipe (2/4 time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. A composition of the famous 18th century gentleman musician Walker 'Piper' Jackson (1716–1798), of the townland of Lisduan, in the parish of Ballingarry, Limerick. The Turret was the name of his residence, and commanded a magnificent view of the countryside. Jackson was mentioned in Ferrar's History of Limerick (A. Watson & Co., Limerick, 1787):

Walker Jackson is a native of the County of Limerick and a good musician, who has composed a number of excellent pieces of music, which are much admired for their harmony and expression. The most favoured of Mr. Jackson's compositions are: Jackson's Morning Brush: the Turret: the Humours of Castle Jackson: Jackson's Ramble: Roving Blade and the Cream of the Jest.

The tune, which is reminiscent of O'Neill's "Sailor's Joy (The)," was first published by Samuel Lee in Dublin c. 1774 in Jackson's Celebrated Irish Tunes, a volume reprinted in 1790. Smollet Holden included it in his Collection of Old Established Irish Slow & Quick Tunes (Dublin, 1805), and it was included by Glasgow publisher James Aird in his Selections, vol. 6 (c. 1803).

A 1788 music manuscript collection complied by John and William Pitt Turner (Norwich, Conn.) also contains the hornpipe, as does vol. 2 (p. 136) of the large mid-19th century music manuscript of County Cork cleric and uilleann piper biography:James Goodman.

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Printed sources : - Aird (Selection of Scotch, English, Irish and Foreign Airs, vol. 6), 1803; No. 129, p. 51 (as "Jackson's Tunet"). Holden (Collection of Old Established Irish Slow and Quick Tunes, vol. 1), 1805. Mulhollan (Selection of Irish and Scots Tunes), Edinburgh, 1804; p. 35.

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