Jake's Got a Bellyache

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X:1 T:Jake's got a Bellyache S:Alan Jabbour, from Edden Hammons M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel N:ADae tuning (fiddle) F:https://www.slippery-hill.com/recording/jakes-got-bellyache-0 Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:Amix [EA]cBA GE2[A,E]|([A,/E/]F/E) DE G[A,3E3]|[EA]cBA GE2[A,E]|([A,/E/]F/E) DE +slide+[A2A2][A2A2]| [EA]cBA GE2[A,E]|([A,/E/]F/E) [A,D][A,E] [A,G][A,3E3]| [A,E]A,BA GE2[A,E]|([A,/E/]F/E) DE +slide+[A2A2][A2A2]|| |:([AA]B)cd ed[ce]d|[ee]fgf ec A2|(A<B)cd [ee]dcd|(ea) ^gb a2a2| (AB)(cd) (edc)d|efgf ec A2|c/B/A BG ABAG|[A,E][A,D][A,2E2]+slide+[A4A4:|]

JAKE'S GOT THE BELLYACHE. American, Reel (cut time) A Mixolydian. ADae tuning (fiddle). AAB. This moderate tempo modal breakdown was in the repertoire of West Virginia fiddler Edden Hammons [1]. A version (with a slightly different rhythm and a more pronounced modal character) called "Kate's Got the Bellyache" has been collected in southeastern Kentucky from the playing of Estill Bingham. Also played in 'G'.

Edden Hammons (1876-1955)

Additional notes

Source for notated version: -

Printed sources : - Milliner & Koken (Milliner-Koken Collection of American Fiddle Tunes), 2011; p. 327.

Recorded sources: -Sound Archives SA2, "Edden Hammons Collection II, Disc 1". Hickory Jack Music HJM003MRR, The Haints - "Shout Monah" (2009).

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