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JAMES GANNON'S BARN DANCE [1]. AKA and see "Ballybunnion Hop," "Curlew Hills Polka (The)," "Glenbeigh Hornpipe." Irish, Barndance. G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'BB'. The tune was recorded and by father-son fiddlers John and James Kelly in 1976 under the "Curlew Hills Polka" title. Sligo fiddler James Gannon taught both Michael Coleman and Sligo/New York fiddler James Morrision, as well as their younger contemporary Michael Gorman, who emigrated east, to London. The "James Gannon's Barn Dance" title is seldom used for this tune, and only because perhaps from some confusion of titles. Gorman recorded "James Gannon's Barn Dance (2)" as the second tune, paired with "Chaffpool Post (2) (The)" (better known as "Glenbeigh Hornpipe" or "Curlew Hill's"), then returned to the first barn dance ("Chaffpool") to finish the set, playing it once through with the parts reversed. The return to Chaffpool is not listed on the record label, and thus someone listening at the end of the tune might mistake "Chaffpool Post (2) (The)" for the last tune listed on the label, "James Gannon's Barn Dance." See note for "Curlew Hills" for more on this tune family. Gorman recorded a number of barn dance tunes, all different, under the title "James Gannon's."

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