Annotation:James Gannon's Barn Dance (3)

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X:1 T:James Gannon's Barn Dance [3] M:C| L:1/8 K:A e2 fe c2 cA|f2 B2 B3c|

JAMES GANNON'S BARN DANCE [3]. AKA and see "Belle of the Ball (2)," "Memories of Sligo." Irish, Barn Dance. A Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AAB. This was the melody London fiddler Michael Gorman, originally from County Sligo, recorded in a medley with the tune known as "Curlew Hills Polka (The)," "Glenbeigh Hornpipe," or, as Gorman idiosyncratically called it, "Chaffpool Post (2) (The)." It is different, and unrelated, to the other barn dance tunes known as "James Gannon's." James Gannon was Gorman's fiddle teacher in County Sligo, also a mentor to other famous County Sligo fiddlers of the 78 RPM era.

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