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X:1 T:Japanese Breakdown S:Scottdale String Band (Georgia) M:C| L:1/8 R:Country Rag F: D:OKeh 45509 (78 RPM), Scottdale String Band (1930) Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:C geae geae|gg2g g2de|f2(3gfe f2 (3gfe|gg2e f2e2-| eded- dcd2|e2ed- dc d2|[B2g2]gb- bbb2|a4 g2ef| geae geae|ga2e g3e|f2(3gfe f2 (3gfe|fg2e f2e2-| eded- dcd2|eded- dc d2|[B2g2]ab- bab2|c'8|| a6b2|ag2e- e^de2|d2^cd- dcd2|A4A2| GABG AB2A|BAGB- BAG2|cdec dec2|ecde- e^c2| [^c2a2][ca][ca]- [ca][ce] [c2a2]|e6^ce|d2^cd- ded2|A6A2| GABG ABGA|BGAB- BAG2|c2Ac- ced2|c8||

JAPANESE BREAKDOWN. American, Country Rag. C Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. A country ragtime piece recorded on 78 RPM by the Georgia based biography:Scottdale String Band who played on the radio in the 1930's, featuring the mandolin as the lead instrument. The group (or the record company) was apparently attempting to cash in on the success of their previously issued "Chinese Breakdown." At the time of their December, 1930, recording of "Japanese Breakdown" in Atlanta, Georgia, the group consisted of leader Marvin Head (gtr.), Barney Pritchard (gtr.), and Charlie Simmons (banjo-mandolin)

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Recorded sources : - OKeh Records 45509 (78 RPM), Scottdale String Band (1930). Old-Timey LP 100, Scottdale String Band - "Southern Dance Music, vol. 1" (various artists).

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