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X:1 T:Je veux m'marier [1] M:C| L:1/8 D:Victor 22183-B (78 RPM), Soileau & Robin (1929) Z:Transrcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:C C2D2 +slide+E2ED|CB,CD+slide+E2EE|F2G2 A2AA |[M:3/2]F2E2D2DD B,2C2| [M:C|]B,2C2DEDD|B,2C2D2DD|G2A2 B3B|A2G2 E2E2:|

JE VEUX M'MARIER [1] (I want to get married). A cajun song and dance tune from the playing of fiddler Leo Soileau and accordionist Moise Robin, recorded in Memphis, Tenn., in September, 1929, for Victor Records. The tune is an older one and often played as an instrumental, but the words to this version were written by Soileau along with Columbus Fruge, who had accompanied them to the session. According to Frank Dietlein, their sponsor for the session:

The 'Cajun' singers and musicians used the old tune that were handed down by their French
ancestors, but their lyrics were extemporaneous. They improvised the words to suit their moods.
I recall one singer, Columbus Fruge, coming up with these lyrics: "Je veux m'marier,Je veux m'marier,
Je veux m'marier, La poule pasd'oued," and the next line went this way, "Je veux m'marier,
Je veux m'marier,Je veux m'marier, La belle veux pas." He later said that he was a bachelor and was
thinking of getting married.[1]

The first few stanzas go:

J'voudrais m'marier, j'voudrais m'marier
J'voudrais m'marier, mais, la belle veux pas.

Oh, la belle veux, la belle veux,
La belle veux, mais, les vieux veux pas.

La belle veux, la belle veux,
La belle veux, mais, les vieux veux pas.

Oh, les vieux veux, les vieux veux,
Les vieux veux, mais, j'ai pas d'argent. [2]

Additional notes

Printed sources : - Greenblatt (Cajun Fiddle Book), 1985; p. 22.

Recorded sources : - Bluebird B-2184b (78 RPM), Soileau & Robin (1929). Victor 22183-B (78 RPM), Soileau & Robin (1929).

See also listing at :
Hear at Soileau and Robin's recording at Juneberry 78's [1]

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