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X:1 T:Jenny's Chickens M:4/4 L:1/8 K:Bdor f2 fg fece|fefa eAce|f2 fg fece|fgag eAce :| |: fBBA B2 ce|fB B2 eAce|fBBA B2 ce|1 fgaf eAce :|2fgaf eAcA| |: B2 bB aBgB|B2 af eAcA|B2 bBaBgB|1 fgaf eAcA :|2 fgaf eAce ||

JENNY'S CHICKENS. AKA - "Jennie's Chickens." AKA and see "All the Go," "Jock and Jill," "Malcolm's Wedding," "Sleepy Maggy/Sleepy Maggie." Irish, Reel. B Minor. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABBCC (Mallinson): AABB'CC' (Fiddler Mag., Martin & Hughes). Popularized by the great Irish-American (County Sligo/New York) fiddler Michael Coleman whose 1934 Decca recording has become a classic (paired with, and preceded by, "Bonnie Kate (1)"). It appears as an untitled reel in Feldman & O'Doherty's Northern Fiddler (1979), 172. Daniel Michael Collins (1977) opines the reel has potential for boredom due to the number of repeated phrases; only by use of ornaments does it stay interesting. A Scots provenance is often cited for the melody: see the related Scots tune "Sleepy Maggy/Sleepy Maggie," as well as the ancestral reel from Scots composer Robert Bremner, "Malcolm's Wedding", from his 1757 Collection of Reels. Montreal fiddler Joseph Allard used the second strain of "Jenny's Chickens" for the second strain of his "Reel St-Pierre," recorded in 1930.

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