Annotation:Jenny Drinks Nae Water

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X:1 T:Jannet drinks no Water M:C| L:1/8 B:David Young – “A Collection of Scotch Airs with the latest Variations” (AKA - The B:McFarlane Manuscript (c. 1741, No. 106, p. 149) F: N:The Society of Antiquaries of Scotland K:C AB|cBAG c3e|d2D4 EF|G3A GAGF|TE2C4 e2| fgag efge|fedc d2 AB|cBAG c3G|E2C4:| |:AB|cBAG ABcA|dcBA BcdB|edcd edef|gagf efge| fagf egfe|fedc B2 AB|cBAG c3G|TE2C4:|]

JENNY DRINKS NAE WATER. AKA – "Jannet drinks no Water," "Jennet Drinks no Water." Scottish, Scottish Measure or Country Dance (cut time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. The air appears in the Skene Manuscript (c. 1615–20, as "Jennet Drinks no Water") and in John Young's Collection of Original Scotch Tunes (London, 1720, p. 13, as "Janett Drinks No Watter"). Edinburgh fiddler and writing master David Young entered it into his MacFarlane Manuscript (c. 1741). Presumably Jenny drinks whiskey instead. Franz Joseph Haydn composed a setting of the air [Hob. Xxxia:132] for voice, violin, cello and keyboard in his Scottish Songs for William Napier. See also "I'll mak you be fain."

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Printed sources : - Manson (Hamilton's Universal Tune-Book, vol. 1), 1844; p. 104. McGlashan (Collection of Scots Measures), c. 1780; p. 5 (appears as "Janie Drinks nae Water". Various dates are given for the volume, from 1778 to 1781). Stewart-Robertson (The Athole Collection), 1884; p. 149. David Young (A Collection of Scotch Airs with the latest Variations, AKA - The McFarlane Manuscript), c. 1741; No. 106, p. 149.

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