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X:1 T:Jenny Lynn [3] N:From the playing of fiddler Kenny Baker (1926-2011, Burdine, Kentucky), N:with Bill Monroe and the Blue Grass Boys M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel Q:"Fast" N:AEae tuning (fiddle) D:Decca DL7-5348, Bill Monroe & The Blue Grass Boys - "Uncle Pen" (1972) D: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:A P:Intro: [A,2E2][EA]B c3B|ABcA (3BcB A2|[A,2E2]Ac e2cc|AEAc (3BcB A2:| P:A (c[e2e2])f [e2e2][e2e2]|fecd efec|ABcd ecA2|fecd e2e2| ABcd e2e2|fecd efec|(c[e2e2])f ecAc|EFAF (3BcB A2| ABcd ecA2| fecd efec|ABcd ecA2|fecd e2e2| ABcd e2e2|fecd efec|(c[e2e2])f ecAc|EFAc (3BcB A2|| P:B [A,2E2][E2A2][EB]-[E2c2]B|cBcA (3BcB A2|[A,2E2]Ac e2(3BcB|EFAc (3BcB A2| [A,2E2][Ec][EA] [EB]-[E2c2]B|ABcA (3BcB A2|[A,2E2]Ac e2 (c/d/c/A/)|EFAc (3BcB A2||

JENNY LYNN [3]. AKA - "Jenny Lind." Bluegrass, Reel. USA, Ky. A Major. Standard or AEae tunings (fiddle). AABB. Composed by mandolin player wikipedia:Bill Monroe, the "Father of Bluegrass.

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - Bill Monroe (Kentucky) [Brody, Devil's Box]; Kenny Baker [Phillips].

Printed sources : - Brody (Fiddler's Fakebook), 1983; p. 145. Stephen F. Davis (The Devil's Box), vol. 33, No. 3, Fall 1999; p. 48. Phillips (Traditional American Fiddle Tunes, vol. 1), 1994; p. 123.

Recorded sources : - MCA DL7-5348, Bill Monroe- "Uncle Pen" (1972). Flying Fish 021, Buddy Spicher- "American Sampler."

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