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JINGLE AT THE WINDOW. AKA and see "Stranger in the Neighborhood." Old-Time. D Major. From the playing of Illinois bluegrass and old-time fiddler Mel Durham [1] (b. 1914) (who also called it "Jingle at the Window, Tidy-O"), learned from the playing of his father, Melvin Durham Sr. (1892-1947), a well respected fiddler in southern Illinois. "Jingle at the Window," "Tideo," or "Down in Jay Bird Town," is also the name of an old play-party song and game. Durham said that the title was not the one he learned the tune by, and that his mother, a singer, changed the original title of the tune from one much less savory. The Indian Creek Delta Boys called the tune "Stranger in the Neighborhood."

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Recorded sources: Mel Durham - "Skillet Fork, The Southern Illinois Tunes of Mel Durham."

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Jane Keefer's Folk Music Index: An Index to Recorded Sources [2]

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