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X: 1 T:Joe Bane's Schottische T:Joe Bane's [5] T:Bill Malley's Schottische R:barndance C:John MacDonald (1821-1893), Scotland S:Andrew McNamara on Clare FM H:A version of the Scottish march "Dornoch Links" H:Bars 2 & 6 of 2nd part can be interchanged Z:id:hn-barndance-12 M:C| L:1/8 F: K:A af | eAAB c2BA | e2A2 A2af | eAAB c2BA | c2B2 B2Ac | eAAB c3B | ABce a3f | e3f ecAc |1 B2A2 A2 :|2 B2A2 AB || |: ce | a3b afea | fece faaf | e3f ecAB | c2B2 B2ce | a3b afea | f3e faaf | e3f ecAc |1 B2A2 AB :|2 B2A2 A2 ||

JOE BANE'S [5]. AKA - "Billy Malley's Schottische," "Joe Bane's Scottische." AKA and see "Dornoch Links." Irish, Schottische or Barn Dance (time). A Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'BB'. The tune is popular as a barn dance or schottische in East County Clare; nonetheless, it is a derivative of the Scottish pipe march "Dornoch Links." The title "Joe Bane's" honors the tin whistle and flute player from the Magherabaun area, near Feakle in East Clare. Bane (1921–1992) was often a playing partner with fiddler Bill Malley, whose name is attached to an alternate title for the schottische.

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Recorded sources: - Green Linnet GLCD 1127, "Martin Hayes" (1992, as "Billy Malley's Schottische").

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