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X:1 T:John Brosnan's T:Fleming's Reel R:reel S:Session at Fahy's Z:Transcribed by Jeff Lindqvist L:1/8 M:C| K:Bm FBBA Bcde|~f2ec dcBA|FA~A2 FAEA| FA~A2 FAEA| FBBA Bcde|~f2ec dcBA|~f2ec dcBA|1 FBBA ~B3A:|2 FBBA ~B3c|| |:d2Bc defg|fbbf afeg|fB~B2 FBdf|~e2ce aece| d2Bc defg|fbbf afeg|~f2ec dcBA|1 FBBA ~B3A:|2 FBBA ~B3c||

JOHN BROSNAN'S (REEL). AKA and see "Brosnan's," "Corner House (1) (The)," "Fleming's Reel," "Sliabh Luachra Reel." Irish, Reel. A Dorian: B Dorian. Standard tuning. AA'BB'. Brosnan is an accordion player from Kilcummin, between Killarney and Castleisland, County Kerry, who composed the tune in 1974. In addition to playing boxes, Brosnan tunes and repairs them, as well as deals in new instruments. See also the very close "Fleming's Reel" by Kerry musician Tom Fleming, and the similar first strain of Junior Crehan's "Corner House (1) (The).

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Recorded sources : - Reedblock Records JB CD 01 or MC 01, John Brosnan - "The Cook in the Kitchen" (1996). Vinnie Kilduff - "Boys of Bluehill."

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