John Brown's March (2)

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X:1 T:John Brown's March [2] T:Harper's Ferry M:4/4 L:1/8 K:G D|G2 B2 BABc|d2 dg d2 z2|(3BcB A2 B2 d2|(3ded d2 d3B| B2 B2 B>ABc|d2 dd d2 z2|(3BcB A2 B2 AB/A/|G6:| |:d2|g2 d2 d>d d2|g2 d2 d2 z2|(3BcB A2 B2 d2|(3efe d2 d2 d2| g2 d2 d2 d2|g2 d2 d4d|(3BdB A2 B2 AB/A/|G6:|]

JOHN BROWN'S MARCH [2]. AKA and see "Harper's Ferry," "John Brown the Emancipator." American, March (4/4 time). USA, southwestern Pa. G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. Named after the abolitionist who stormed the United States Arsenal at Harper's Ferry, Virginia, in 1859, and who was hanged for treason, a martyr to the cause of emancipation or a terrorist depending on one's point of view. There is some thought Brown's 'march' was his march to the scaffold, although this maybe apocryphal. There are other tunes also associated with the scaffold.

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - James Taylor (fifer from northern W.Va., southwestern Pa., 1930's) [Bayard].

Printed sources : - Bayard (Dance to the Fiddle), 1981; No. 386, p. 368.

Recorded sources : - Caitlin Warbelow et al - "Warbelow Range" (2018. Appears as "John Brown the Emancipator").

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