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JOHN EGAN'S (HORNPIPE). Irish, Hornpipe. G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. Flute player John Egan (1903-1989) was born ain Ardleybeg, Ballintogher, County Sligo. His early influences were local Sligo musicians Andy and James Doyle, as well as flute players Brian Luby and John Joe Gardiner, the latter of Corhubber, Ballymote. He learned to play the fiddle as well as the flute and for some years was a member of the famous Kincora Ceili Band. Egan lived in London for a time before settling in Dublin where he worked as a barman. In 1952 he, along with others, established the St. Mary's Traditional Music Club in Church Street, popularly known as the Church Street Club. Sessions were held every Wednesday until the time of his death.

John Egan

Sources for notated versions: whistle player Seán Potts (Dublin), via Joe Joyce [Black]; set dance music recorded at Na Píobairí Uilleann, late 1980's [Taylor].

Printed sources: Black (Music's the Very Best Thing), 1996; No. 173, p. 91. Taylor (Music for the Sets: Blue Book), 1995; p. 19.

Recorded sources:

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