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JOHN SHORT'S TUNE. American, Polka. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. Fiddler 'Chirps' Smith remarks that the tune was collected by members of the Allen Street String Band from a musician named Erwin Thompson (1915-2015) of Godfrey, Madison Co, IL . Smith also found reference to a fiddler named John W. Short (1839-1927) from Mt. Vernon, Jefferson County, Illinois, who was remembered as 'loving to play at every occasion'. It is possible Short was the source for the tune.

Curiously, the first few bars closely resemble those of "King of Prussia's March (2)," although the rest of the tune differs.

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Recorded sources : - Vigortone Records 2001, The Ill-Mo Boys - "Laugh and Grow Fat" (2001. Learned from fiddler Erwin Thompson, Godfrey, Illinois).

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