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JOHNNIE GIBB O' GUSHETNEUK. Scottish, Strathspey. G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'B. Composed by J. Scott Skinner (1843–1927). Skinner's title honors the book of the same title, Johnnie Gibb o' Gushetneuk of the Parish of Pyketillim (1881) by William Alexander (1826–1894), a journalist and political activist who lived in northeast Scotland. Alexander wrote his narrative with the speech of the area in dialogue, and, although authentic, it proves somewhat difficult to read outside of the region:

William Alexander

“Ay, ay; but that’s nae a’. Gin fowk war tae luik at things ae gate we wud be wae to pairt wi’ onything ‘t we hae i’ the wardle. But here’s oorsel’s noo ‘t ‘S toil’t awa’ upo’ this place fae youthheid to aul’ age, an’ wi’ the lawbour a’ oor nain han’s made it ‘s ye may say – Gushetneuk the day’s nae mair fat Gushetneuk was fan we cam’ here nor my fit’s a han’ saw. Sir Seemon ca’s ‘imsel’ laird o’t; but Sir Seemon’s deen nae mair to the place nor the man a’ France. Noo, you an’ me can gae roon an’ roan aboot it, an’ wi’ a’ honesty say o’ this an’ that - “Here’s the fruit o’ oar lawbour – that’ll bide upo’ the face o’ the earth for the eese o’ ithers aifter we’re deid an’ gane.” Noo, this is fat I canna win at the boddom o’ ava. I’m weel seer it was never the arreengement o’ Providence that the man that tills the grun an’ spen’s the strength a’s days upon’t sud be at the merciment o’ a man that never laid a han’ till’t, nor hardly wair’t a shiilin’ upon’t, to bid ‘im bide or gyang.”

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Printed sources: Skinner (The Logie Collection), 1888; p. 85.

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