Johnson's Old Grey Mule

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X:1 T:Johnson's Old Grey Mule M:C| L:1/8 C:Thomas Westendorff R:Song air Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion N:the "x2" indicates a shouted "Hee" or "Haw" K:D d2d2 d3B|d2d2 B2A2|d2d2 c2e2|d6 A2| d d3B2A2|d2d2B3A|d2d2c2e2|d6 cd| e2e2e2 cd|e2d2c2B2|A6c2|e e3 e2cd| e2c2e2c2|e2d2cB3|A2 AA B2c2|d8-|d2|| d2-A2 AB|c2 d4 x2|c2c2c2 AB|d2 d4 "x"z2|"x"z2"x"z2"x"z2 AA| Bd3e2e2|d8"fiddle"AB|d d2 d2 e dc|BcBA-AFAB|dBde-ed e2|d8||

JOHNSON'S OLD GREY MULE. American, Song Tune. USA, north Georgia. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). One part. A comic song by Thomas Westendorf, written in 1884. The lyric (from the Georgia Yellow Hammers) begins:

Johnson had an old grey mule,
His name was Simon Slick;
He’d roll his eyes and switch his tail,
Mmh, how that mule would kick.

Well rode him down to the foot of the hill,
He hooked him to his cart;
He loved that mule and that mule loved him,
With all his muley heart.

Additional notes

Printed sources : - Kuntz (Ragged But Right), 1987; pp. 223-224.

Recorded sources : - Starday SLP 235, Curly Fox (1963). Rounder 1032, Georgian Yellow Hammers - "The Moonshine Hollow Band" (1979. Orig. rec. 1927). Victor 20550 (78 RPM), Georgia Yellow Hammers (1927).

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