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JOHNSON CITY RAG. A variant of "Jawbone" and "Jordon is a Hard Road to Travel." American. USA, east Tenn. The melody is a reworking by east Tennessee fiddler Jimmie McCarroll and his band, The Roane County Ramblers, of wikipedia:Dan_Emmett's "Jordan is (am) a Hard Road to Travel," named for Johnson City, Tennessee, where the band recorded. McCarroll learned the tune from his father.

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Recorded sources : - Columbia 15498-D (78 RPM), James McCarroll and the Roane County Ramblers (1929). County 403, The Roane County Ramblers. County 501, The Roane County Ramblers. County 507, The Roane County Ramblers - "Old Time Fiddle Classics." County CO-CD-3530, The Roane County Ramblers (2004).

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