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X:1 T:Jupiter Mazourka C: Z:V.T. Williams M:3/4 K:G B2|"D7"c>B A>G F>E|"G"D>GB3B|"D7"A>cF3A|"G"G>BD2B2| "D7"c>B A>G F>E|"G"D>GB3B|"D7"A>cf3F|"G"G2g2:| |:d2|"G"d>gB2B>d|G>BD2D>G|"D"F>AD2D>F|"G"G>Bd2B>c| d>gB2B>d|"C"c>eE2E>G|"D7"F>AD2D>F|"G"G2g2:| |:b2|"D7"c'>b a>g f>e|"G"d>gB3B|"D7"A>cF3A|"G"G>BD2B2| "D7"c>B A>G F>E|"G"D>GB3B|"D7"A>cf3F|"G"G2g2:|

JUPITER MAZOURKA. AKA Mazurka from Mr. Howard. USA (Central, Mid-Atlantic, Western/Pacific). Mazurka (3/4 time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABBA'A'.

Additional notes

Printed sources : - Ryan's True Violinist, 1872 p. 71. Williams (Haynes Family Manuscript), 2011, page 41. Williams (Peter Beemer Manuscript), 2008 p. 43.

Recorded sources : - Voyager 374, Vivian and Phil Williams - "Tunes from the Peter Beemer Manuscript" (2010).

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