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X:77 T:T047C- Irish Round, or Kennington Wells S:Dancing Master, Vol. II Q:1/4=120 L:1/4 M:6/4 K:Dm A2^cd2e|f3/2g/2ae2d|(^cA)fe2d|edeD3| F3/2G/Fc3/2d/c|defc3/2d/A|B3/2A/GAGA|F2ED3|| f2ga2g|g2fece|f2dgcA|agfg3/2f/e|f2aa2g|g2fece| f2dgcA|agfg3/2f/e|a(b/a/)(g/f/)g(a/g/)(f/e/)| f(g/f/)(e/d/)e(f/e/)(d/c/)|a(b/a/)(g/f/)g(a/f/)(f/e/)| f(g/f/)(e/d/)e(f/e/)(d/c/)|dDDDEF|FGAABc|cCCCDE|FGAD3|]

KENNINGTON WELLS. AKA and see "Irish Round (The)," "Auld Jew (The)," "Black Headed Dearie" (Ceann Dub Oilir). English. This title was used by John Young in his 1713 edition of the Dancing Master (p. 146) for the Irish tune "Black-Haired Dearie," and dated to the first decade of the 17th century or earlier (by the sometimes unreliable Grattan-Flood, 1906).

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