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KENTUCKY QUADRILLE. American, Quadrille. USA, Ohio. The name Kentucky is derived from the Iroquois phrase kenta ke, meaning 'grass land' (Matthews, 1972). Musicologist Paul Tyler has found an 1842 manuscript collection that was used in northern Ohio that includes a tune in 6/8 with the title "Kentucky Reel." John Baltzell, from the same region, recorded his "Kentucky Quadrille" that Tyler finds is recognizably a cognate in one strain.

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Recorded sources: Edison 51548 (78 RPM), 1923, John Baltzell (appears as last tune of "Farmer's Medley Quadrille") {Baltzell was from Mt. Vernon, Ohio, the home town of Dan Emmett (d. 1904). Emmett returned to the town in 1883, poor, but later taught Baltzell to play the fiddle}.

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