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X:1 T: Kerfunten C: Hammy Hamilton Q: 325 R: jig Z:Transcribed by Bill Black M: 6/8 L: 1/8 K: G A | B3 BAG | dBd efg | dBd edB | ABA AGA | B3 BAG | dBd efg | dBd gdB | AGA G2 :| d | gfg gab | ege edB | gfg gab | bag a2 d | gfg gab | ege edB | dBd gdB | AGA G2 :|

KERFUNTEN. AKA - "Kerfunken Jig (The)." AKA and see "Hamilton's Jig (2)." Irish, Jig. G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. The tune was composed by flute player and flute maker Hammy Hamilton, born in Belfast in 1953, although he makes his home (and his flutes) in County Cork. Kerfunten/Kerfunken is a town in Brittany, France.

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - Deirdre Havlin, flute player for the Northern Irish group Deanta, who had it from flute player and craftsman Hammy Hamilton [Black].

Printed sources : - Black (Music's the Very Best Thing), 1996; No. 228, p. 122. Flaherty (Trip to Sligo), 1990; No. 32.

Recorded sources : - Green Linnet SIF 1147, Deanta - "Ready for the Storm." Green Linnett GLCD 1181, Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill - "The Lonesome Touch" (1997. Appears as "The Kerfunken Jig").

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