Kerry's Welcome to the Dene

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X:1 T:Kerry's Welcome to the Dene M:6/8 L:1/8 R:Quickstep C:Willy Taylor K:D a/g/ | f3 f>ga | A>dd d>ef | g2b b>ed | c>ba g>ec | d2a f>ga | A>dd d>ed | c>Aa g>ec | d3 d2:| |: a/g/ | f3A>df | g>ec e>ge | c3 A>ce | A>fe d>ag | f3 A>df | g>ee e2e | A>ca f>ec| d3 d2:| |: a/d/ | f3 f>dd | g>BB B2d | c>de A>Bc | d>fa A>Bc | d2A f>ed| g>BB B2d | c>Aa g>ec| d3 d2 :|| a | f>af d>fd | g>BB B2g | c>de A>Bc | d>fa A>Bc | f>af d>fd| g>BB B>ed | c>Aa c>ea | d3 d2a | f>af d>fd | g>BB B2g | e>ge c>ea | B>aa A2a | f>af d>fd| B>ef g>ed | c>Aa g>ec | d3 da2 ||

KERRY'S WELCOME TO THE DENE. AKA - "Wee Kerry's Welcome to the Dene," "Wee Kerry's Welcome." English, Quickstep March (6/8 time). England, Northumberland. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABBCCD. Composed by Northumbrian fiddler Willy Taylor in the pipe-march tradition, on the occasion of the birth of his grand-daughter. The Dene was Taylor's farmhouse. Taylor was a member of the 1980's British folk group the Shepherds, which also included piper Joe Hutton, harmonica player Will Atkinson, and squeezebox player Alistair Anderson.

Additional notes

Recorded sources : - Common Ground, Willy Taylor - "Welcome to the Dene" (1990).

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