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X:1 T:Killarney Wonder [3], The T:Bantry Hornpipe, The M:4/4 L:1/8 N:Transcribed from Packie Dolan’s 1929 recording, 1st and 2nd N:times through transcribed. Z:Fr. John Quinn K:G V:1 P:A1 d2c||TB2 GB cBcA|dbge dedB|cBcA (3Bcd BG|[FA]BAG FDF[G,G]| ~B3B cBce|dbge dedB|cedc (3BdB GB|[G,2G2]dB [G,2G2]dc|| P:B3 [A2A2][AA]B cBcA|dfge dedB|cBcA (3Bcd BG|[FA]BAG FDEF| GFGA BGFD|GABG ABce|dgTfe (3ded (3cBA|G2 (3BdB G2 cB|| P:C5 – Dolan only plays the part one the first time dgBg dgBg|ag Ta2 fdef|gage dedc|(3BdB AF GDB,D| Gg{a}ge dBGB|cBcd efge|dg{a}ge (3ded (3cBA|GA (3BdB G2 dd|| P:D6 BG{A}GF GDB,D|(3GAG BG ABcA|d^cde fd=cA|(3ded cA d2 cA| BG{A}GF GDB,D|(3GAG BG ABcA|dgTfe (3ded (3cBA|GADB, G,2dc|| V:2 P:A2 z2z||TB2 GB cBcA|dbge dedB|cBcA (3Bcd BG|[FA]BAG FDF[G,G]| ~B3 B cBce|dbge dedB|cBce dcBG|[G,2G2]dB [G,G]BcB|| P:B4 [A2A2][AA]B cBcA|dfge dedB|cBcA (3Bcd BG|[FA]BAG [FA]DEF| GFGA BGFD|GABG ABce|dgTfe (3ded (3cBA|GA (3BdB G2 Bc|| z8|z8|z8|z8| z8|z8|z8|z8|| P:D7 BG{A}GF GDB,D|(3GAG BG ABcA|d^cde fd=cA|dece d2cA| BG{A}GF GDB,D|(3GAG BG ABcA|dgTfe (3ded (3cBA|G2 (3BdB G2 dc||

KILLARNEY WONDER [3]. Irish, Schottische or Hornpipe (whole time). "The Killarney Wonder [3]", a version of "Bantry Hornpipe" AKA "Bantry Bay Hornpipe", was recorded in New York in 1929 by fiddler Packie Dolan (1904-1932), born in Aghadowry, near Ballinamuck, County Longford. He proved to be a popular musician in New York expatriate Irish music circles and recorded a number of tunes with famed Sligo fiddler Micheal Coleman (1891-1945). Dolan tragically died at age 28 one week before he was due to return to Ireland to live.

Additional notes

Recorded sources : - Victor V-29034 (78 RPM), Packie Dolan's Melody Boys (1929). Packie Dolan: The Forgotton Fiddler" (1994).

See also listing at :
Hear Packie Dolan's recording at the Comhaltas Archive [1]

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