Annotation:Killashandra Lasses (The)

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X:1 T:Killashandra Lasses, The M:6/8 L:1/8 R:Jig S:O'Neill - Dance Music of Ireland: 1001 Gems (1907), No. 133 Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:G D|GAG BAG|dBG BAG|ABA ABd|ecA A2D| GAG BAG|dBG BAG|ABc BAB|GEE E2:| |:d|efg fed|efg dBG|ABA ABd|ecA A2d| [1 efg fed|efg dBG|ABc BAB|GEE E2:| [2 bag agf|gfe dBG|ABc BAB|GEE E2|]

KILLASHANDRA LASSES, THE (Cailinide Ua Cill-A'-Sean-Rata). AKA and see "Bachelor's Walk," "Humors of Castle Lyons/Humors of Castlelyons (The)," "Judy McFadden's," "Patrick Maloney's Favorite," "Rambling Pitchfork (The)," "Road to Granard (The)," "Roland's Return." Irish, Double Jig (6/8 time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB'. Killashandra [1] is a town in County Cavan, once a thriving center for the linen trade, with origins in the Ulster Plantation. The tune, particularly in the first strain, belongs to a wide and varied tune family that includes both minor and modal settings, but which retains similar melodic contour (see, for example, 1st strain of Ryan's "Judy McFadden's." See note for "annotation:Humors of Castlelyons (The)" for more on this tune family.

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - O'Reilly [O'Neill]. O'Neill's source for the tune is from the music manuscript collection of County Cavan native Philip J. O'Reilly,

Printed sources : - O'Neill (Krassen), 1976; p 37. O'Neill (Music of Ireland: 1850 Melodies), 1903; No. 880, p. 163. O'Neill (Dance Music of Ireland: 1001 Gems), 1907; No. 133, p. 37.

Recorded sources : - See the tune in the Dunn Family manuscript collection [2]

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