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X:1 T:Killiechassie L:1/16 M:C C:Simon Fraser R:Strathspey B:Stewart-Robertson - The Athole Collection (1884) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:G g2|dG3 d3B G3AB3g|dG3 edcB cA3 A3g|dG3 d3B G3A Bg3|bagf g3e dB3B2:| b2|g3d Bb3 g3d Bb3|g3d edcB cA3 A3b|g3D Bg3 dg3Bg3|eB3 g3e dB3Bb3| g3d Bg3 eg3dg3|cg3Bg3 cA3 A2Bc|dG3eB3 gB3 a3f|bagf g3e dB3B2||

KILLIECHASSIE. AKA and see "Miss Fleming of Moness," "Mrs. Stewart Fleming of Killiechassie." Scottish, Strathspey. G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB (Fraser): AAB (Kerr, Athole). This tune "is a juvenile production of the editors, highly in request, but more from the amiable qualities of the young lady to whom it is addressed than any merit it possesses" (Fraser).

Additional notes

Printed sources : - Fraser (The Airs and Melodies Peculiar to the Highlands of Scotland and the Isles), 1816; No. 162, p. 66 (appears as "Killachassy"). Kerr (Merry Melodies, vol. 2), c. 1880's; No. 132, p. 16. Stewart-Robertson (The Athole Collection), 1884; p. 174.

Recorded sources : - Celtic CX 20, The Five MacDonald Fiddlers - "The Five MacDonalds" (c. 1950's).

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