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X:1 T:King of the Pipers [2], The R:jig H:There are 3 other tunes called "King of the Pipers": #8, #219, #307 D:Paddy Glackin: Ceol ar an bhFidil le Paddy Glackin D:Dervish: The Boys of Sligo Z:id:hn-jig-66 Z:transcribed by M:6/8 K:D AFF dFF|AFB AFD|AFF dAF|DFA GAB| AFF dFF|AFB AFD|~F3 AFD|DFA GAB:| |:ABc d2A|dfa agf|geg fdB|AFA Bcd| ABc d2A|dfa agf|geg fdB|1 AFA ~B3:|2 AFA B2A|| |:Bbb Baa|~g3 fdA|Bbb Baa|AFA B2A| Bbb Baa|~g3 fdB|AFd AFE|1 DFA B2A:|2 DFA ~B3||

KING OF THE PIPERS [2] (Rí na bPíobairí). AKA - "King of the Pipes." AKA and see "Donegal Jig (2) (The)," "Keys to the Convent," "Tommy Peoples' Jig (3)." Irish, Double Jig. Ireland, County Donegal. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABBCC (Miller): AA'BB'CC (Breathnach): AABBCCDDEE. This Donegal tune name "King of the Pipes/King of the Pipers" is used here as an appalation, and refers to the status of piper Donegal musician Tarlach Mac Suibhne {1818-1916}, Piobaire Mor, who also played fiddle. See also the similar "Price of the Pig (The)" and "Dougarry Boys (The)."

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - fiddler Paddy Glackin (Ireland) [Breathnach].

Printed sources : - Breathnach (CRÉ III), 1985; No. 35, p. 16. Bulmer & Sharpley (Music from Ireland), vol. 3; No. 70. Miller (Fiddler's Throne), 2004; No. 67, p. 51.

Recorded sources : - Gael-Linn Records DEF 060, Paddy Glackin - "Ceol ar an bhFidil" (1977). Gael-Linn CEF060, "Paddy Glackin."

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