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KITTY LIE OVER NEXT TO THE WALL. AKA and see "Frost is All Over (1) (The)," "Patsy McCann's," "Paddy’s Return (1)," "What Would You Do If the Kettle Boiled Over?," "Young Tim Murphy." Irish, Slide. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. It has been suggested that this title helps the musician to remember the rhythm of the tune. The title comes from lyrics sung to this tune generally going by the title "The Frost is all Over" or "The Praties are dug (and the frost is all over)." Confusingly, these lyric sets were sung to a few different tunes (see "Annotation:Frost is All Over (1) (The)" for more on this), and the melodies were of often called by portions of these titles. For example, these lyrics were inserted into the jig "The Praties are dug" by Johnny Moynihan of the band De Dannan:

The praties are dug and the frost is all over,
Kitty lie over close to the wall.

from which this tune takes its title. However, in this case the melody itself is in the "Paddy’s Return (1)" family.

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