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X: 1 T:Lads A-Bunchun [2], Sherborne M:6/8 L:1/8 A:Sherborne P:A(AB3)2(AC3)2A F: K:F P:A |:F2F AGF|A2B cde|f2c dcB|1A2G ED:|2A2G F3|| P:B cBA Bcd|cBA B2B|BGA Bcd| cBA B2c | d2c d2e|f3 f2c|dcB A2G| F3 F3 || P:C cBA Bcd|cBA B2B|BGA Bcd| cBA B2c | d3 c3 |d3 e3 |\ f3 f3 |f3 c3 |dcB A2G| F3 F3 ||

LADS A BUNCHUN [2]. AKA and see "Dearest Dicky." English, Morris Dance Tune (6/8 time). G Major (Mallinson): F Major (Bacon). Standard tuning (fiddle). ABBB (x4), ACCC (x4), A. A different melody than "Lads a Bunchum (1)" (Adderbury), collected in the village of Sherborne [1], Gloucestershire, in England's Cotswolds. In The Morris Book, Part IV (1911, p. 12), collector Cecil Sharp gives the title of the tune he noted in Sherborne, Dorset, as "Lads a-Bunchun," and notes:

The title of the Sherborne dance “Lads a-Bunchun” may, perhaps, throw some light on the meaning of the cryptic 'Laudnum Bunches' of [The Morris Book] Part I. “A-Bunchun” may denote (see Wright’s Dialect Dictionary) butting or striking, dashing in dress or appearance; or it may simply mean bunched together, i.e., in a cluster as in a set-dance. On the other hand both “Laudnum Bunches” and “Lads a-Bunchun” may be corruptions of the original title which further research may some day unearth.

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Printed sources : - Bacon (The Morris Ring), 1974; p. 282. Mallinson (Mally's Cotswold Morris Book vol. 2), 1988; No. 14, p. 9.

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