Lady Betty Cochrane's Reel (2)

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X:1 T:Lady Betty Cochran's Reel [2] C:Robert Mackintosh R:Reel Q: 232 K:F N:A version of "Lady Betty Cochran's Strathspey" M:4/4 L:1/8 |:A|CF Ac f2 cA|dB cF EG GB|AF Af d2 cF|EG dc1/2B1/2 AF FA| CF Ac f2 cA|dB cF EG GB|AF Af d2 cF|EG dc1/2B1/2 AF Fe|| f1/2e1/2f1/2g1/2 fc af gc|B1/2d1/2f Ac Bd gb|fa gc df eA|BG cB AF Fe| f1/2e1/2f1/2g1/2 fc ae fc|dB b1/2a1/2g1/2f1/2 eg ce|dB db cA ca|BG cB AF F:|

LADY BETTY COCHRANE'S REEL [2]. AKA and see "Lady Mary Montgomery's Reel (2)." Scottish, Reel (whole time). F Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). "Lady Betty Cochrane's Reel (2)" was composed by Edinburgh fiddler-composer and bandleader Robert Mackintosh (c. 1745-1808), a melody he also set as a strathspey (see "Lady Betty Cochran's Strathspey." Mackintosh also included the identical reel in his Fourth Collection of New Strathspey Reels (c. 1804), albeit under the title "Lady Mary Montgomery's Reel (2)."

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Recorded sources : - Delphian DCD34128, Concerto Caledonia - "Robert Mackintosh: Airs, Minuets, Gavotts & Reels" (2013).

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