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X:1 T:Lady Doune [1] T:Lady Down's Strathspey R:Strathspey M:C L:1/16 B: Joseph Lowe - Lowe's Collection of Reels, Strathspeys and Jigs, B:book 4 (1844–1845, p. 23) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:F a2|ff3~f3c ff3f3a|{a}g3agf3 {e}d4 d2g2|ff3~f3c ff3~f3a|{a}g3f{fg}a3g {g}f4 f2c2| ff3~f3c ff3f3a|{ga}b3a{a}g2f2 {e}d4 d3g|fa3d3f c3dA2f2|cA3f3A F4 F2|| B2|(ABc2) F3c B3df3B|Ac3f3A {A}G4 G3B|(ABc2) F3c B3df3d|cf3c3A {A}F4 F2B2| (ABc2) F2c2 B3df3B|(ABc2) f2A2 G4 {A}G3B|(3A2B2c2 (3B2c2d2 cf3e3g |fa3{a}g3e {g}f4 f2||

LADY DOWN'S STRATHSPEY [1]. AKA - "Lady Doune." Scottish, Strathspey. G Major (Carlin): F Major (Kerr, Lowe, Stewart-Robertson, Surenne). Standard tuning (fiddle). AB (Kerr, Lowe, Surenne): ABB' (Athole): AA'BB' (Carlin). There are a few tunes with similar titles; this is not the "Lady Down" in MacDonald's Skye Collection nor Gow's "Lady Downe (2)".

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Printed sources : - Carlin (Master Collection), 1987; No. 139, p. 85. Kerr (Merry Melodies, vol. 1), c. 1880; Set 22, No. 1, p. 14. Joseph Lowe (Lowe's Collection of Reels, Strathspeys and Jigs, book 4), 1844–1845; p. 23. Stewart-Robertson (The Athole Collection), 1884; p. 204 (appears as "Lady Doune"). Surenne (Dance Music of Scotland), 1852; pp. 52-53 (appears as "Lady Doune").

Recorded sources : - Alan Snyder's Cape Breton Fiddle Recordings Index [1]

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