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X:1 T:Lady Lever Park C:Joe Buchanan's Scottish Tome - Page 340.0 I:340 0 C:P/M P.R. MacLeod R:March Z:Carl Allison L:1/8 M:2/4 K:D a/>g/ | "D" {fg}f>(e/f/) d>(B/d/) | A>A A>d/f/ | (f/<a/)A/>d/ f(g/<f/) | "A7" (f/e/<){f}e a>g | "D" f>(e/f/) d>(B/d/) | A>A A>d/f/ | "D" (f/<a/)A/>c/ "A7" {f}c>e/A/ | "D" {e}e2 d<d :| A/>d/ | "D" {fg}fd/<f/ f/>e/(f/<a/) | A/>d/(f/<a/) d2 | (f/<a/)A/>d/ {g}fg/>f/ | "A7" (f<e) {f}eA/>d/ | "D" {fg}fd/>f/ f/>e/(f/<a/) | A/>d/(f/<a/) {e}dg | "D" (f/<a/)A/>c/ "A7" {f}dB/>d/ | "D" {e}d2 d/<d/A/>e/ | "D" {fg}fd/>f/ f/>e/(f/<a/) | A/>d/(f/<a/) d2 | "D" (f/<a/)A/>c/ "A7" {f}d>B/d/ | "A7" (f<e) {f}ea/>g/ | "D" {fg}fd/>f/ d(B/>d/) | AA/ A/>d/f | "D" (f/<a/)A/>c/ "A7" {f}dB/>d/ | "D" {e}e2 d<d |] A/>d/ | "D" e/>d/e/>B/ A/>B/d/<e/ | "D" f/>e/f/>e/ dg | (f/<a/)A/>d/ fg/>f/ | "A7" (f<e) {f}eA/>B/ | "D" d/<c/d/>B/ A/>B/d/<e/ | "D" f/>e/f/>e/ dg | (f/<a/)A/>d/ "A7" {f}eA/>e/ | "D" {e}d2 d<d |] A/>d/ | "D" {fg}fa f/<d/d/<e/ | {g}fa {g}f(A/>f/) | "D" aA/>d/ "A7" {g}eA/>g/ | "A7" (f<e) {f}eA/>d/ | "D" {fg}fa f/<d/d/<e/ | {g}fa {g}f(A/>f/) | "D" a(A/>d/) {g}e(A/>g/) | "D" d2 d/<d/A/>d/ | "D" {fg}fa f/<d/d/<e/ | {g}fa {g}f(A/>f/) | "D" aA/>d/ "A7" {g}eA/>g/ | (f<e) {f}eA/>d/ | "D" {fg}f(a/>f/) d(f/>d/) | "G" Bd "A" Ag | "D" {g}fA/>f/ "A7" {f}eA/>e/ | "D" d2 d<d |]

LADY LEVER PARK. Scottish, Pipe March (2/4 time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB'CCDD'. Composed by Pipe Major Peter R. MacLeod (1878-1965), who lived in Partick, Glasgow. He was a composer and noted piper, and a pipe major with the Cameronian Regiment. In addition to "Lady Lever Park," his best compositions are the march "Conundrum (The)" and "Duncan McInnes."

Lady Lever Park is the name of the grounds surrounding Lewis Castle, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis. It is public property, gifted to the people of Stornoway early in the 20th century by Lord Leverhulme. The park is name in honor of his wife. Leverhulme was a philanthropist who endeavored to develop Lewis and Harris by funding various projects.

The tune is a popular tune in Lewis, and frequently the vehicle for "The Grand March" that begins a wedding dance festivities. It retains popularity with Scottish dance bands.

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Printed sources : - Martin (Ceol na Fidhle, vol. 2), 1988; p. 35. Scots Guards, Book 2.

Recorded sources: - Beltona, Bobby MacLeod and His Scottish Dance Band - "Highland Treasure" (2003).

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