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X:1 T:Lady Mary Ann Murray's Delight C:John Bowie M:C L:1/16 R:Strathspey Q”Slow” B: Six Favorite New Tunes, Four composed by John Bowie, Perth (c. 1789, p. 1) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:D F2|{DE} FA3 .A2-.A2 TB3A {Bc}d3A|Bd3 {ef}g3f {f}e4 e3E|{DE}FA3 A2A2 B3{AB}c d3A|Bd3 {e}f3e {e}d4d2:| g2|Tf3e {fg}a3f Te3de2f2|{c}d3B {B}A2GF {F}[C4E4][C3E3]g|Tf3e {fg}a3f Te3de2f2|A3df3e {e}d4 d2g2| Tf3e {fg}a3f Te3de2f2|{c}d3B {B}A2GF {F}[C4E4][C3E3]D|{DE}F2A2 A2A2 {GABcde}!fermata!d6B2|A3d {e}f3e {e}d4 d2|| |:F|DFA2 [F2A2][F2A2] DGB2 [G2B2][G2B2]|(BA)dc BAGF {F}[C4E4][C3E3]D|{DE}F2A2 [F2A2][F2A2] {GABcde}!fermata!d6 B2|A3d {e}f3e {e}d4d2:| g2|Tf3e {fg}a3f Te3de2f2|{c}d3B {B}A2GF {F}[C4E4][C3E3]g|Tf3e {ef}a3f Te3de2f2|A3df3e {e}d4 d2g2| Tf3e {ef}a3f Te3de2f2|{c}d3B {B}A2GF {F}[C4E4][C3E3]D|{DE}F2A2 A2A2 {GABcde}!fermata!d6B2|A3d {e}f3e {e}d4d2||

LADY MARY ANN MURRAY'S DELIGHT. Scottish, Strathspey (whole time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABCCD. "Lady Mary Ann Murray's Delight" was composed by Perthshire fiddler-composer biography:John Bowie and first printed in his Six Favorite New Tunes, c. 1789. The title may refer to Lady Mary Ann Hope (d. 1838), a daughter of John Hope, 2nd Earl of Hopetoun by his third wife. In December, 1794, she married Sir Patrick Murray of Ochtertyre, 6th Baronet (1771–1837), a Scottish advocate, landowner and politician, who served as MP for Edinburgh from 1806 to 1812 and Baron of the Exchequer in 1820. If she is in fact the person of the title, then Bowie's Six Favorite New Tunes would have to have been issued later than the date of their marriage at the end of 1794. The tune that follows "Lady Ann Murray's Delight," "Auchtertyre House," would seem to lend some credence to this supposition, as it was Patrick Murray's seat following the death of his father, William Murray of Octertyre at the very end of the eighteenth century.

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Printed sources : - John Bowie (Six Favorite New Tunes), c. 1789; p. 1.

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