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X:1 T:Laird o' Thrums, The T:Sandy Macpherson, The Laird o' Thrums C:J. Scott Skinner M:C L:1/8 S:Skinner's 1906 hand-written manuscript, sent to Alexander Grant Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:A e|(3agf (3efg {e}a2 e>d|c>e A<a {cd}c>BB>g|a>fg>e (3agf e>c|d<f B>e {cd}c>AAg| (3agf (3efg {g}a2 e>d|c>e A<a {cd}c>AA>g|(3agf (3gfe (3fed e>c|(3def (3Bed|{cd}c>A[EA]|| {c}|f2 c>f A>fc>f|(3cfg (3agf (3cfg (3agf|{^d}ee B>e G>eB>e|(3Bdf (3gfe (3bef gfe| {g}a2 e>a c>eA>g|(3agf (3gfe (3fe^d e=dc|(3def (3Bcd (3cde (3ABc|(3def (3efg a2 a||

LAIRD OF THRUMS. AKA and see "Frank Cassidy's," "Frank Cassidy's Barn Dance," "Frank Cassidy's Highland Fling." Scottish, Strathspey. A Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. Composed by J. Scott Skinner (1843-1927) in 1906, originally titled "Sandy MacPherson, The Laird o' Thrums." At the bottom of the page he notes: "1st draft. Bronwell Cottage, Monikie." It was dedicated to Alex MacPherson of Kirriemuir; the "Laird o' Thrums" was Skinner's nickname for his friend, as Thrums was the old name for Kirriemuir (made famous by J.M. Barrie's ("Peter Pan") novel A Window in Thrums). It was first published in his folio Monikie Series No. 3, with "Gay Gordons Pipe March" (Gay Gordons (1) (The)) and "Zeppelin Humourous Hornpipe" (Zeppelin (The)).

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Printed sources : - Hunter (The Fiddle Music of Scotland), 1988; No. 131. Martin (Ceol na Fidhle, vol. 4), 1991; p. 18.

Recorded sources : - Philo 2001, "Jean Carignan." Topic 12T280, J. Scott Skinner "The Starthspey King." Smithsonian Folkways Records, SFW CD 40507, The Beaton Family of Mabou - "Cape Breton Fiddle and Piano Music" (2004).

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