Annotation:Lament for Hugh Reynolds

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X:1 T:Lament for High Reynolds M:3/4 L:1/8 R:Air Q:"Very slowly" K:Ddor DE|F2 A2 GF|D4 DE|FG A2 GF| F4 c2|cA c2d2| d3cA2|GF F2G2|A4 DE|F2A2 GF|D4 DE| FG A2 GF|F4 c2|cd c2 A/G/D/B,/|C2D2 EF|E2 D2D2|D4||

LAMENT FOR HUGH REYNOLDS. AKA - "She's the dear maid to me." Irish, Slow Air (3/4 time). D Dorian. Standard tuning (fiddle). One part. The song can be found in Sparling's Irish Minstrelsy. Hugh Reynolds, of County Cavan, was tried and hanged in 1826 for the abduction of a woman named Catherine McCabe. The story has come down that Reynolds was largely innocent, and the he and Catherine had planned to elope. Some time after the event her parents had them arrested and turned her against Hugh, to the extent that she gave evidence against him at his trial, when she claimed she had been abducted.

My name it is Hugh Reynolds, I come of honest parents,
Near Cavan I was born, as you may plainly see;
For the loving of a maid, one Catherine McCabe,
My life has been betrayed, she's the dear maid to me.
The country was bewailing my doleful situation,
But still I'd expectation this maid would set me free,
But, oh, she proved ungrateful, her parents were deceitful,
Although I loved her faithful, she's the dear maid to me.

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - fiddler Brian MacIntyre (Virginia, Co. Cavan, Ireland) [Darley & McCall].

Printed sources : - Darley & McCall (Feis Ceóil Collection of Irish Airs (The)), 1914; No. 20, p. 9. Treoir, vol. 34, No. 4, 2002; p. 23. Treoir, vol. 37, No. 3, 2005; p. 18.

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