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LAMENT FOR WILL STARR. Scottish, Lament. C Minor. Standard tuning (fiddle). AAB. A composition by Angus Fitchet [1], born in Dundee in 1910 and a leading country dance band leader and fiddler during the mid-20th century in Scotland. In 1921 he saw the great J. Scott Skinner perform at the Caird Hall, and his own recording career began in 1931 (for Beltona). Another popular composition of Fitchet's is "J.B. Milne."

Will Starr
Angus Fitchet (1910-1998)

The air honors accordion player Will Starr [2] (1922-1976), a renowned instrumentalist, composer, and radio and TV performer. In addition to traditional Scottish dance music, Starr recorded and performed French musette pieces and classical works. His most famous composition is perhaps his "The Jacqueline Waltz."

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