Annotation:Lasses of Fisheraw (The)

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X: 1 T:The Lasses of Fisheraw M:4/4 L:1/8 B:Thomas Calvert Collection - page 2 (1799) Z:Nigel Gatherer K:C A|TGE cG A{B}cGE|C>EGE TD2 A2|G>EG>c A>FA>c|B>dG>B c2 ~[Ec]|| a|gc f/e/d/c/ gc {e}fa|gc f/e/d/c/ Td>ef>a|gce{f}g Tfad>f|Te>gTd>e [E2c2] [Ec]a| gc f/e/d/c/ gc {e}fa|gc f/e/d/c/ Td>ef>d|cAFc dBGf|e>gTd>e [E2c2] ~[Ec]||

LASSES OF FISHERAW, THE. Scottish, Reel (whole time). C Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. The tune appears in a 1799 collection by Thomas Calvert, a musician who lived in Kelso, Scotland. A note with the collection states that Calvert supplied "a variety of music and instruments, instruments lent out, tun'd and repaired."

wikipedia:Fisherrow is a harbor and former fishing village at Musselburgh, East Lothian, Scotland.

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Printed sources : - Thomas Calvert (A Collection of Marches & Quick Steps, Strathspeys & Reels), 1799; p. 2.

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