Annotation:Lassie Gae Milk on My Cow Hill

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X:1 T:Lassie gae milk on my Cow hill M:3/2 L:1/8 B:Riddell – Collection of Scotch Galwegian Border Tunes (1794, p. 9) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:G !trill!e3d B2g2 dBAG|B2e e2B dg2|e3d B2g2 dBAG|ABcd e2A2 c4:| |:B2d2 edcB cBAG|B2d2 edcB efge|B2d2 edcB cBAG|ABcd e2A2 c4:| |:B2g2g2d2 efge|B2g2g2B2 d4|B2g2g2d2 efge|A2a2a2A2 c4:| |:gfed edcB cBAG|gfed BcdB d4|gfed edcB cBAG|ABcd e2A2 c4:| |:!trill!G3A B2g2 dBAG|B2e2e2B2d2g2|!trill!G3A B2g2 dBAG|ABcd e2A2 c4:| |:Bded Bdgd Bded|B2g2g2B2 d4|Bded Bdgd Bded|A2e2e2A2 c4:||

LASSIE GAE MILK ON MY COW HILL. AKA and see "All Night I Lay with Jockey, "Slap and Kiss." Scottish, English; Triple Hornpipe (3/2 time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). Composed by biography:John Riddell of Glenriddell. Northumbrian piper John Peacock's "All Night I Lay with Jockey" is a cognate melody, as is "Slap and Kiss" from Thomas Marsden's A Collection of Original Lancashire Hornpipes (1705).

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Printed sources : - Riddell (Collection of Scotch Galwegian Border Tunes), 1794; p. 9.

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