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X:1 T:Last of Sizemore [2] S:Luther Strong (Ky.) M:C| L:1/8 N:AEae tuning (fiddle) R:Reel F: D:Library of Congress AFS (1937) Z:Transribed by Andrew Kuntz K:A [A,2E2][E2A2][E3c3]B|ABcB A2F2|[A,2E2][E2A2][E3c3]A|cABc A2[E2A2]| [A,2E2][E2A2][E3c3]B|ABcB A2F2|[A,2E2][E2A2] e3d|cABc A2A2| [A,2E2][E2A2][E3c3]B|ABcB A2F2|[A,2E2][E2A2][E3c3]A|cABc A2[E2A2]| [A,2E2][E2A2][E3c3]B|ABcB A2F2|[A,2E2][E2A2]e3d|[M:3/4]cABc A2|[E4A4]|| (f/g/f)|e2c4(f/g/f)|eAcB AEFG|A2c4(f/g/f)| ecBA c2 (3e/f/g/|a2g-a- a2ed|cABG A2||

LAST OF SIZEMORE [2]. American, Reel. USA, Hazard County, East Ky. A Major. ADae or AEae tuning (fiddle). AB. Perry County, Ky., fiddler Luther Strong recorded the tune in 1937 for Library of Congress field collectors Alan and Elizabeth Lomax. The tune was localized to the Hazard County region, and, similar to "Last of Callahan," involves a "farewell" scenario at an execution. Typically the condemned is granted a last wish to play a tune before sentence is carried out, often characterized in tradition as a spontaneous composition.

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - Luther Strong (Hazard, Perry County, Ky.) [Milliner & Koken, Titon].

Printed sources : - Milliner & Koken (Milliner-Koken Collection of American Fiddle Tunes), 2011; p. 374. Titon (Old Time Kentucky Fiddle Tunes), 2001; 89B, p. 117.

Recorded sources : - New World 226, Luther Strong - "That's My Rabbit, My Dog Caught It: Traditional Southern Instrumental Styles" (1978. Various artists). Yazoo 2014, Luther Strong - "The Music Of Kentucky, Vol. 2, Early American Rural Classics 1927-37" (various artists).

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