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LEAVING KINTAIL. AKA and see "Cattle Fold of Kintail (The)," "I Will Go Home to Kintail," "Thèid mi dhachaidh chrò Chinn t-Sàile (I Will Go Home to the Cattle Fold of Kintail)." Scottish, Air or Slow March (3/4 time). D Mixolydian. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. The title is derived from the Gaelic song "Thèid mi dhachaidh chrò Chinn t-Sàile" (I Will Go Home to the Cattle Fold of Kintail." Several versions of the song, and different melodies exist. See "I Will Go Home to Kintail" for a slow pipe march version.

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Recorded sources : - Compass 7 4287 2, Cathal McConnell - "Long Expectant Comes at Last" (2000. Learned from Angus Grant, a fiddler from near Lochaber on the west coast of Scotland).

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